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"How A Registered Nurse with 10 Years of Chronic Pain, Dozens of Ailments and Breast Cancer (cured herself naturally), Stopped Her Pain and Helped Hundreds of Pain Sufferers Get Pain Relief - Stop, Diminish or Control their Acute, Chronic or Debilitating Pain - So They Could Start Enjoying the Good Life Again--- And YOU Can Do It Too Starting 2 Minutes From Now!".....


........My methods have helped hundreds of people who were living with pain and/or a wide range of diseases, ailments and conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS and other autoimmune diseases, cancer, breast cancer, addictions, back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, hip pain, chest pain, stomach pain, gum disease pain, stomach pain, post-surgical pain, nerve pain, neuropathies, gallbladder attacks and much more and YOU may become one of them too!

Pain Relief

"How to Stop, Diminish or Control Your Pain Now!"


From the desk of Helen Hecker R.N.:


Dear Fellow Pain-Sufferer:


First of all, I felt compelled to write this book. Many people have begged me to put my suggestions for them down on paper. I've written a lot of other books. I've spent many hours thinking about what might help you and many days putting this one together for you.


I did so because I find myself actually hurting emotionally and physically when I talk to someone in pain. In essence, I can feel pain the pain you're having.


I've seen and worked with a lot of people in pain over the years, first in my nursing career and then when doing medical research as a consultant and publisher of health books both online and offline.


When someone describes their pain to me I may overload them with solutions. In some cases I've had to go find some new methods. I've spent thousands of hours in research over the past ten years – this combined with my many years of experience has resulted in a world of health knowledge and a lot of underground secrets. I'm not just saying that, I've used them myself!


There are many cures that exist in the universe. You just have to find a way to find them. They're not going to be found in medical journals. If anything important works, that is natural or not, most likely it'll not end up there and cutting edge research and outcomes will take years before they're recognized in journals so your doctor can tell you about it- if he reads it!


Your doctor has to actually see the article and where does he/she find time in their overloaded schedule to do that! 


If you're still struggling with pain YOU have to find the answer yourself. No doctor cares as much as you do about you! 


......I've Discovered Many Secrets and Techniques for You!


This letter is supposed to be telling you all the benefits you'll reap from reading my book. But I can’t promise to relieve you of your pain or cure you.  In fact only your body can initiate the healing or a cure.  Your body is programmed to heal you at all times. It's on automatic pilot. It just needs some help from you. What I want to do - is help you find some methods that'll work!


I had chronic pain for many years.  I had fibromyalgia so bad I would walk 20 minutes and my legs would ache so bad I dreaded the thought of ever doing it again. Various muscles would ache around the clock and I would wake up for 2 hours every night, in the middle of the night - as happens with fibromyalgia.


I had arthritis pain in my left knee and fingers aching all night. I had a painful gum infection for months that I couldn't clear up. I had painful esophagus damage from antibiotics that backed up into my esophagus causing burns deep in my esophageal lining. I couldn’t eat anything but bland food for 6 months.


....Then I Was Lucky Enough to Get Breast Cancer in 1999!... Lucky?......  


I say lucky because it was the best thing that could have happened to me. As a result I achieved perfect health, a pain-free life and I'm still in the most optimum health today many years later. Of course I get sports injuries from time to time because I play tennis, hike, work out and I'm physically active but I just use one of my methods to jump back fast.


I turned down toxic chemotherapy, cancer-causing radiation therapy, invasive surgery to remove 30% of my lymph nodes that I NEED TO KEEP and 5 years of the toxic drug Tamoxifen that's loaded with horrible side effects, adverse reactions and permanent body damage, which they wanted me to take following the other harmful treatments.


I said NO! NO! NO! No cutting, burning, poisoning my body or damaging my immune system. I needed to keep it in the best shape to fight my cancer and everything else!


SO.....I developed my own natural program for my suppressed immune system. The first month after I started, ALL my ailments just disappeared!


By the second month I could hardly believe my good fortune. No more breast cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sinus problems, acid reflux, chronic heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, digestive problems, aches and pains from I don’t know where, muscle aches, joint pain, aching fingers, knee pain gone, 10 years of chronic sinus problems stopped.


No more sleeping problems or canker sores. I'd had shingles, strep throat and was hospitalized with pneumonia and there's more.


Now I only need 5 hours of sleep a night and it's peaceful at that. Never sick. Haven't taken any meds of any kind since 1999, not even a TUMS or Rolaids, have tons of energy and so on. It was a miracle!


Yes I'm a walking miracle to others and as a result have spoken to many groups. I know the answers for a more optimum pain-free health. Depending on the kind of pain you have you can get rid of it, greatly diminish it, diminish it somewhat or control it better. Your pain is going to be unique to you depending on your situation, disease, post-surgery pain, injury, conditions, ailments, etc.


So there may be or may not be one cure-all necessarily but there are different methods you can try.  Some may work, some may not. I've found for my patients, clients, family and friends that I usually have something in my arsenal that would make a difference or a big difference in the quality of their lives.  It could be something simple or something not so simple.


I stay away from unnatural or invasive solutions as much as possible.  In some cases an invasive treatment may be the only solution but in most cases it's not.


..... Listen - Your Body WANTS to HEAL YOU at All Times - It Just Needs Your Help!.......


And you can do it yourself with a few of my tips and I have to say - some of my secrets! I say secrets because some are not commonly known or I developed them myself. People tell me they've never heard of many of my methods and many were seeing various doctors for many years who never mentioned these methods. I've included some standard methods that you may have missed.


But you can go to 10 different doctors and get 10 different opinions.  They don’t know all the answers I can guarantee you that! 


I worked with many doctors over the years. They fear cancer, die of cancer and suffer from many of the diseases that their patients suffer from.  I've helped doctors help their patients and themselves by giving them solutions to their problems, including pain-related ailments.


To me it would be selfish to know all the medical and health secrets I do and not share them with people who need them desperately.


I need to pass on what I know any time I can to help people live better lives.  I do this in my life every day.  I speak up with my health suggestions everywhere I go. I want to help you too!


I'm hoping this letter doesn't seem to be too much about me because it's really about YOU and how I can help YOU!


I've spent a lot of hours putting this book together. It should pass on to you many tips, ideas, methods, techniques, treatments and therapies. In some cases you may know about some and in some cases you won't have heard of it before. 

Pain Relief



"How to Stop, Diminish or Control Your Pain Now!"


pain relief  Just some of the secrets, methods, treatments, techniques, therapies, tips and cures in my book:


    pain relief Secrets, methods, techniques and treatments your doctor has never heard of!


pain relief Mostly natural non-invasive methods that YOU can do!


pain relief A chemical compound that's helping thousands – no one that I mention it to has heard of it!


pain relief Approaching your pain indirectly!


pain relief What you should eat to diminish or stop your pain!


pain relief What you should not eat to diminish or stop you pain!


pain relief What I did to CURE my fibromyalgia!


pain relief What I did to CURE my osteoarthritis!


pain relief Stop your gallbladder attacks in their tracks!


pain relief Hidden resources that you probably have never come across!


pain relief An orthopedic doctor who helps most of his patients avoid knee surgery!


pain relief You can use these methods on your family or friends too with their painful conditions!


pain relief A technique that can help you get rid of depression - sometimes instantly!


pain relief A method that has helped MS patients stop their relapses and get rid of painful neuropathy!


pain relief The mysterious little-known disease that thousands are walking around with – you may have it and it may directly or indirectly be the source of or contribute to your pain!


pain relief The often overlooked genetic disease that is the hidden cause of undiagnosed neck, hip OR back pain!


pain relief What you can do if you have more than one source of pain!


pain relief How depression and anxiety influence your pain and what you can do about it!


pain relief A better understanding of pain!


pain relief Painkillers - everything you should know!


pain relief How painkillers can kill you - it's not what you think!


pain relief Painkiller addiction - you may not be addicted!


pain relief Painkiller addiction - what you can do now if you think you are!


pain relief How The right nutrition helps!


pain relief Diets and their relationship to your pain!


pain relief No supplements recommended with one exception!


pain relief Secrets that only nurses know!


pain reliefMany years experience finding solutions to pain and other health problems!


pain relief A little-known method that works better than any drug to relieve some types of pain!


pain relief One method that may instantly help you stop fears on the spot, usually in minutes from just one natural treatment you can do yourself!


pain relief One method in detail on how I cured myself of all my pain from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, sinus pain and pressure, sinus headaches, digestive issues, heartburn, acid reflux and much more!


pain relief One undiagnosed disease that may be at the root of all your pain. You may never have heard of it and thousands of people are walking around with it right now and don’t know it! 

pain relief If you're taking painkillers now, how you can tell if you're addicted to them or not. Many people who think they're addicted are not!


pain relief How one method stopped MS relapses in thousands of sufferers - you'll want to spread the word!


pain relief The mind-body connection and freeing up your pain!


pain relief The pain - diet connection – what you can do right now that may help stop your pain!


pain relief What foods you should give up!


pain relief What foods you should eat!


pain relief What to do about depression and anxiety!


pain relief Non-invasive medical devices!


pain relief The truth about doctors and pain management!


pain relief Surgery for your pain – should you do it?


pain relief Surgery gone wrong!


pain relief Using painkillers safely if you’re on them now!


pain relief What you should know about painkillers that could save your life!


pain relief Lots of my personal anecdotes and experiences!


pain relief And lots more - including my secrets!


pain relief Secrets I learned in the emergency room


pain relief A special e-mail address so you can e-mail me with any questions you have! No one does this!



No matter what kind of pain you're having right now you may be able to completely stop it, diminish it or get it completely under control!


If your pain is the kind of pain that is acute or temporary and you're going through the healing process, there are many ways to help you lessen that pain!


If your pain is chronic, you may find a method in my book that will reverse it. If not you should still be able to find ways to diminish it or get it under control!


You'll find many ways to take action and gain control of your life again!


Are you living with new pain now and don’t know what to do or where to turn?


Do you need to find workable ways to help reduce your pain it or get rid of it right now ?


I can't promise that I'll be able to do it but I hope you give my suggestions a try.


I want you to be free of pain like I am now. I know what it's like to suffer openly and silently and how destructive it is to daily living and our quality of life.


I know I have methods here that your doctor has never heard of. Doctors don't know everything, even those who specialize in pain management. And many doctors admit they get very little training to treat pain.  I'll go more into this in my book.  No I'm not sending you off for expensive new techniques that may or may not work or have you end up feeling worse.


I'm a Registered Nurse with a lot of experience, not a doctor, so I can't legally give medical advice but I can express my opinions. So I hope you understand that I can't diagnose or treat anyone but I can tell you what I think and what I know. I don’t want to mislead you in any way.


I know you'll benefit in some way whether big or small.


If not just one, some or many of the methods, techniques and ideas could work for you in your life from now on.


I know that just one of the methods can lessen your pain if you’re willing to try it and in many cases it may stop your pain for good!


I truly want you to start enjoying life again and not have to continue to experience nagging pain – pain that constantly distracts you from the quality of life you deserve!


Another natural method I urge you to try will take care of a lot of issues around you that are contributing to your pain right now!


In this book, even though I'm going to focus on natural approaches to your pain, I'll touch on some conventional methods too.


I'll go into great detail about over-the-counter and narcotic painkillers because there is a good chance you're on one or some of them now. I'll talk about physical dependence as opposed to outright addiction! I'll educate you on pain medication so you don't accidentally overdose if you're taking any nowThere is a lot to know about drug interactions and what's actually in those drugs you're taking!


I'll touch lightly on current invasive methods of treatment but if there are natural ways to solve your pain problem then that is the way to go!


Painkillers may create more problems for you; surgery may not work and actually cause you more pain!


If you're addicted to painkillers now, know that you can get off them. Many have done it before you.


Surgery May Have a Painful Outcome....There Still May Be Something You Can Do.... Do NOT give up!....


I've been blessed with a talent for identifying, finding, collecting and coming up with or discovering ways, methods, techniques, treatments, therapies and little-known secrets for stopping, lessening, diminishing or curing many health conditions, ailments and symptoms.


I've spoken to many women's groups and pass on my tips and secrets everywhere I go. I've even helped many doctors and naturopaths help their patients by giving them ideas and suggestions I've had for correcting or even help curing some of their patients' problems.


                 You can have a better quality of life if you truly want it!


Take advantage of my many years of experience in the medical, surgical and psychiatric health fields and later as an author and publisher of health books both in the bookstore marketplace and on the Internet.


I've stumbled upon many hidden cures, therapies and techniques, which have helped hundreds of people take action and get control of their health themselves. You can do it too! You may just be able to get back the pain-free life you once had!


Many times in my life I've come across little pearls that I could turn into solutions for myself, family, friends, clients and patients.


Helping others has always been at the top of my list. Passing on what I know to you, that will help you every day from now on, gives me great joy!


I sincerely hope you find the pearls that will completely stop your pain, diminish your pain or control your pain so you can start living again!


The Price of My Book

Only $9.95! --  Temporarily!


These are the tips, techniques, treatments, therapies, methods and secrets I've used to heal/cure myself and help hundreds of others heal or cure themselves.I know I could charge $27 to $47 or more for this book because I've written many others in the past that I still sell for $27 to $47. I'm literally giving it away at this price for a short period of time - because of the nature of these economic times and in the interest of helping you if you're in pain right now. I want you to know my secrets and benefit from the research I've done over the past few years and my experience as an expert in natural pain management.


The price will be going up soon - I'm not sure when but it will be going up! This is only a temporary price. Please get it NOW before I raise the price. I've spent hundreds of hours researching and testing to find solutions to all sorts of pain problems. This is an eBook in PDF format. After paying by credit card or online check, you will download the book and read it on your computer. You can also print out the book. The book works with all computers.


And you're bound to learn secrets to ridding yourself of pain that you have never heard before that will improve your life. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! --- And  some of my secrets can save your life!  


Here is the way to get my book and start on the path to a better quality life. You can do it! You must stop it, diminish it, control it or manage your pain yourself. Get it NOW, have it in your hand in the next 2 minutes and make it your ultimate goal to get pain-free and enjoy life again! 


To Your Good Health!


Helen Hecker R.N.



pain reliefpain reliefpain relief


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"How to Stop, Diminish or Control Your Pain Now!"



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P.P.S.  Start now and find out what you can do RIGHT NOW to help you stop, diminish, manage, control or relieve your pain! 


P. P. S. It doesn't matter what kind of pain you have, tennis elbow, fibromaylgia, chronic back pain or anything else.  You will find something that will help you or your money back.  I guarantee it.  Don't suffer when you may find a solution for pennies.


"How to Stop, Diminish or Control Your Pain Now!"




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